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A little background please
You’ll complete a dynamic resume so potential sponsors can review your experience, therapeutic expertise, education, and references. You can update your profile at any time as you gain new experience and specialties. Sponsors cannot access your personal profile (name or contact information) unless you’re interested in a particular project.

Let us know when you’re free
Keep us posted on your schedule. We offer the ultimate flexibility in managing your time so potential sponsors have a general idea of your availability each month. By organizing and maintaining your calendar, you’ll maximize the opportunities that come your way.

See what you’ve been up to
You’ll find detailed information on projects to which you’ve been invited and assigned. You can also check out discussion forums that allow monitors and sponsors to share information and collaborate on projects, which ultimately saves you time and effort.

Get what you’ve earned
Use the online timesheets to track and record your hours and, upon receipt from the sponsor, you’ll be paid by We handle the invoicing for you and use direct deposit so you'll enjoy quick, convenient payment.



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Entering this information here is instead of submitting your paper C.V. Before being listed with you'll need to provide contact information, as well as information about your education and qualifications. When you are finished entering this information follow the instructions to submit it for review and return the signed screening questionnaire by fax. Once your profile is verified you'll be registered with the service. Initially, Sponsors will be able to search based on your experience and availability. As an added benefit you will receive our newsletter with tips and information to help you fully take advantage of our service.


PLEASE NOTE: As with all independent professionals, the Internal Revenue Service requires any company, for which you provide services, to obtain your Social Security Number or EIN [if you have incorporated] so that you may receive payment. We will collect that information for US monitors.


Any time you submit or view personal information on this site, that information is private, and is kept secure through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.


Your Name and Contact Information will only be made available to a registered Sponsor when YOU indicate your interest in a specific project.



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