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Information for CROs, Pharmaceutical & Biotech company visitors offers CROs, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies a better way to quickly resource projects with the right people. Sponsors can calculate resourcing needs, locate independent clinical Monitors with the appropriate skills (singly and in teams) and track project billing, all through a secured Web site...

Information for Study Monitors offers independent clinical Monitors a single resource with powerful tools to manage their career. By publishing your exact availability to potential Sponsors, you can work on multiple projects, as well as better balance your career and home life. The unique platform for helps to reduce costs, and those savings are passed on to you in better hourly rates...


Here at, we try to make the monitor selection process as easy as possible by allowing our clients to assemble teams of clinical professionals based on:

  • Geographic location
  • Years of experience
  • Therapeutic specialty / Indication
  • Study phase
  • Certifications
  • Foreign language skills
  • EDC experience
  • Availability
Using this platform, our clients can quickly connect with Monitors worldwide through email, cell phone, or smart devices. Our average monitor response rate is 80% within 48 hours. Our monitor database can be accessed 24/7, allowing you to assemble a team on demand. We also have in-house project assistants to facilitate the process and provide support by making selections and scheduling interviews at no additional cost. Whether or not you utilize the in-house operations support, we maintain contact with both the Client and Monitor throughout the duration of the project.

We use a 3rd party company to verify all monitor backgrounds in order to ensure that we provide the most qualified CRAs. Our clients can rest assured knowing that we have the resources to deliver a fully-screened and dependable group of Contract Clinical Research Associates to fit any project needs.

If you are an Independent Clinical Research Monitor, we provide a way for you to take control of your career. You make your own schedule and we find projects to fit within your criteria. is a single and secure portal to manage your jobs, track your hours, and access multiple training options through partner companies.

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